Sunday, December 5, 2010

Buy Local, Buy Art Give Art

Buy Local, Buy Art Give Art

Funny thing is I am not sure why I am spending my time posting to my blog, there is no one following it. I spent the majority of the day recreating my web site. There was a few issues that I noticed in the past. Some computers could view all the images on the web site while others would only see a few pictures. I hope this has been resolved.

Now this brings to to the title of this article, Buy Local, Buy Art Give Art. The remainder of my day was spent coming up with my master plan on what to sell on line, how to produce it, and how to distribute it. So you can visit my store by going to If you buy a picture from me (Buy Local) you can give it to someone (Spouse keeps it in your home/Friend you will have to visit to see the picture) but that would fill the Buy Art Give Art part.

 In this blog are a few of the new pictures I added today.

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